Feasibility Studies

  • Bailey Hall

    Bailey Hall at Broward College, Davie, Florida – 2019

    TSG performed a condition assessment of existing theatre systems for the purpose of planning future upgrades and renovations. The theatre systems included stage lighting, house lighting, work lighting, stage rigging, curtains, the audio-visual system, a movable orchestra pit, the stage floor and stage traps. For this venue, our assessment addressed power, control, operation and functionality of each component, safety, obsolescence, possible upgrades.

  • Vero Beach High School Feasibility Study

    The School District of Indian River County, Florida – 1998

    This feasibility study compared programming and building designs for The School District of Indian River County to determine the feasibility of developing a joint venture construction program for an auditorium with high quality acoustics that would meet the needs of their high school band and drama programs, and also serve the community need for symphonies, opera and dramas.

    The comparison focused on an 850 seat auditorium, a 1250 seat theatre, and a 2000 seat performing arts center.

  • Marmion Studio Theatre Feasibility Study

    St. Leo University, St. Leo, Florida – 2008

    TSG Design Solutions, Inc. worked with Currie, Sowards, Aguila Architects to identify programming and design criteria for the repurposing of the Marmion Dining hall into a multi-configurable performance space with high quality acoustics that would meet the needs of the growing university.

  • Pine Crest School Theatre Programming Review

    Pine Crest School, Boca Raton, Florida – 2011

    The purpose of this study was to determine how successfully the existing facilities support both the current and future performing arts programs and to make recommendations for improvements and upgrades to the facilities to support the expanding programming requirements.

  • The Brook Run Theatre Feasibility Study

    Dunwoody, Georgia – 2015

    TSG Design Solutions, Inc. was hired by Clark Patterson Lee to evaluate the pros and cons of the existing theatre architecture to support the planned uses. This included the general acoustic requirements to support the planned uses, the ability of the existing space to accommodate the general acoustic requirements, the types of theatre systems required to support the planned uses, the ability of the existing space and structure to accommodate the theatre system requirements, and a discussion of the pros and cons of restoration versus building new.